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​​​I have had the pleasure of meeting many great men and women in my lifetime, whom I must say had, and have the pleasures of learning from and...

witnessing the marks they have placed upon this universe.

 Walking with the wise,  have always been a part of me, knowledge is power and therefore that power has been ignited for and through me.  

I have always ways been fascinated with writing.   I was inspired by my older brother, James whom is a writer himself.   My mother would always supply my brothers and sister and I with pencils, paper, books and going beyond that, she also bought us instruments.  I had an organ, James had a bass guitar, Ivory had bass drums,  my sister Patricia, had a horn, my younger sister Mary and Vivian had tambourines and my baby brother Robert had chimes.  And we would have a blast.

 We actually formed a group and we were so advanced that we had an opportunity to sing for a producer, however, it was time for my brother to leave for the army.   And that is an enclosed chapter in my history book.    Growing up, I thought we were rich, fore my mother provide us with almost  everything  We even had pool tables.  My mother was so classy, all the kids fell in love with her.  One thing for sure we were rich in love. And mother mother shared that love.

i dedicate this website on behalf of two of the greatest woman whom I can indeed say are phenomenal.  These 2  Single mothers whom raised multiple children on their own, not because they were given too much of a choice, however because they love their children so unconditionally, they did what they had to do.

My mother, Ms. Jessie Stanford, and my mother-n-law, Ms. Hattie Covington.  I thank you for loving us, your children enough to be there through it all.

This website  is my outlet when I want to scream with joy, laughter, pain and all the tears and inspire you and myself that through it all, we can mount the impossible.





intelligenced is keen





Following many footsteps, and some were great, however, all were worthy. Yet I have learned to walk in my own......

      -Lisa Stanford-